We are excited for you to visit.
Here are some questions people usually have.
  1. How long is the service? Our service usually ends between Noon and 12:15pm.
  2. What about kids? During our 9:30 hour we have creative bible study for all ages and nursery care for infants and toddlers. These class rooms are in our Myers Education building which is to the left of the Sanctuary. During the 11:00 hour we do have nursery for infants and toddlers in the Myers building.
  3. What’s the service like? Our service is a mixture of hymns and praise songs followed by a teaching message from the pastor. We will take an offering but it is not necessary for you to give to our offering.
  4. How do people normally dress? We do not have a dress code. Some wear suits an dresses others come in blue jeans and t-shirts. Feel free to dress comfortably and you will fit right in.