Worship , Sunday February 28th, 2021

Due to Covid numbers we will not be meeting in person this week but will be streaming our service the following ways.

Service will be streamed on Facebook Live on the Flint Hill Baptist Church, Fort Mill SC page at 11:00am

Service will be posted on the Flint Hill Baptist Church You Tube Page at 1:00pm

Sermon This Week: A Visit To Hell

A Visit To Hell

John 3:16

This weeks sermon corresponds to Chapter 10 in 3:16 Numbers of Hope


Matthew 7:23


Hell is a ___________________ and ________________________ place. (Luke 16:24)


Hell is ________________________(Revelation 14:11,Mark 9:48 Matthew 25:46)


Hell is a place without the __________________________.


Hell Is necessary because of God’s ________________________ (Revelation 21:27) 


Hell is _________________.


Jesus went to ____________________ so you would never have to. (Hebrews 2:14, Revelation 1:18)

Discussion Questions: 

1. What spoke to you from the sermon?

2. Why do even spiritual people want to dismiss the realities of hell? 

3. What would your life look like without the everyday grace of God?  

4. What would be wrong with a God who would allow sin into his presence? 

5. Many say that God is unfair because of the reality of Hell? What would you say to them? 

6. Who do you know that you can share the Good news of Christ with so they might avoid hell?