Worship Worthy of The Creator

Our Worship should be centered on the ____________________ (vs. 22)

Our Worship should not focus on ___________________.(vs. 23)

Romans 1:19-20 


Our Worship should be __________________________ (vs. 24)


Ephesians 5:1-2.


Our worship should focus on God and not the __________________. (vs. 25)

Our worship should be ______________________(vs. 26)


Discussion Questions:

What spoke to you from the sermon?

How is the word of God emphasized in our worship service?

What is the danger of trying to make images of God?

“Worship should be sacrificial.” What does that statement say about Christ’s sacrifice? How does it inform our attitude about giving our tithes and offerings?

What items or physical church features do people tend to “worship”?

What is the benefit of focusing on your own sin before you enter a worship service?