Worship , Sunday February 28th, 2021

Due to Covid numbers we will not be meeting in person this week but will be streaming our service the following ways.

Service will be streamed on Facebook Live on the Flint Hill Baptist Church, Fort Mill SC page at 11:00am

Service will be posted on the Flint Hill Baptist Church You Tube Page at 1:00pm

Sermon This Week: The Consoling Christ

The Consoling Christ

John 11:17-36

Rev. Paul Mincey

Christ's ____________________. (vs. 17-19)

Christ's ____________________.(vs. 20-27)

Christ's _____________________(vs. 28-36)

Discussion Questions:

1. What spoke to you from the sermon?

2. Is there a situation where it feels like Jesu is late in coming? How does this account encourage you in your situation? 

3. How does knowing that Jesu is the resurrection and life change how you live today? 

4. What does Jesu' compassion in this account teach us about how he deals with us? 

5. What does this account teach us about showing compassion to others?